Clean Energy for florida

Why renewable
and why now

Florida is the third largest state in the country, with almost limitless upside for growth in terms of clean and renewable energy among businesses and residents. That potential is not being realized. While the state ranks third in the nation for rooftop potential, it ranks 8th for total solar capacity installed. And, although Florida is dubbed the Sunshine State, only 0.65% of the peninsula’s electricity comes from solar.

Yet, the growing demand for clean energy coming from business leaders is refreshingly upbeat, pointing to a huge unrealized opportunity. Clean and renewable energy can and should have a positive impact on the profitability of companies and economic development across the region, while also supporting a healthy environment.

Now is the time to start a conversation among business leaders in the state to help Florida reach its clean energy potential and become a leader in the region and in the nation.

Are you a champion of change?